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Special dinner

Every once in a while we need to do something special for the ones we love today we that day for me. My husband my our oldest son work 12 hour days so this morning I thought they should get a nice special Friday night dinner. My younger son age 26 went to the storeContinue reading “Special dinner”

Uncle Henry

My uncle Henry has been on my mind a lot lately he was my favorite nonblood related uncle. He married my aunt the day after my aunt graduated high school ( my grandparents were not happy about them getting married ) from my understanding they didn’t like my uncle Henry at least then. He wasContinue reading “Uncle Henry”

Sunday bake

Today Sunday I was doing my normal Sunday more routine, Make coffee, get cleaned for the day, sit on couch and watch cooking shows while drink a few cups of coffee lol. Then without thinking I walking into the kitchen I stood there looking at my cookbook and said so what should I make today.Continue reading “Sunday bake”

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